Call to Election for Shop Stewards

January 10th, 2018

This constitutes official notification of nominations and elections for PHX Local 502 Shop Stewards in compliance with the TWU International Constitution.
In accordance with the TWU Constitution and the Local 502 by-laws, the term of office will be for three (3) years, with the highest vote count being installed into office, at the January General Membership Meeting. 

A. Nominations will be by petition.

B. Nominations for these offices will require a minimum of twenty-five signatures of members in good standing.

C. Candidates for nomination must signify whether they accept or reject nomination in writing prior to making of the ballots.

D. Members in good standing may sign as many nomination petitions for different candidates as they see fit. His/Her name, however, will appear only once for each candidate, In accordance with Local 502 By-laws.

E. A member, to be eligible for nomination and election to office, in addition to all other requirements of the International Constitution and Local 502 By-laws, must have been a member in good standing in the Local Union for the preceding year.

There will be two (2) openings for the position of Shop Steward.

Nominations for the above positions will be open January 10th, 2018. Petitions must be received by the Election Committee by January 22nd, 2018 Voting will be held, if necessary, at the January 2018 GMM