Local By-Laws

 Local 502 BY-LAWS
(Amended November 2011)
(To be administered to new members upon their acceptance into the Transport Workers Union of America at a local meeting where their membership is approved.)
I solemnly pledge on my honor to abide by the Constitution of the Transport Workers Union of America and the rules and By-laws of Local 502 to discharge all my duties and obligations faithfully; not make known any private business of this Union, and to conduct myself at all times as becomes a member of the Transport Workers Union of America.
Article     I               NAME AND JURISDICTION
Article     II              MEMBERSHIP
Article     III             MEETINGS
Article     IV             OFFICERS AND DUTIES
Article     V              LOCAL EXECUTIVE BOARD
Article     VI             SHOP STEWARDS
Article     VII            STATION CHAIRPERSONS
Article     VIII           NOMINATION & ELECTION OF
Article     IX             DELEGATES
Article     X              ATTENDANCE OF MEETINGS
Article     XI             COMMITTEES
Article     XII            DUES & INITIAITONS FEES
Article     XIII           FINANCES & EXPENSES
Article     XIV          GRIEVANCES
Article     XV           OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERS
Article     XVI          DISCIPLINE OF MEMBERS
Article     XVII         ROBERTS’ RULES OF ORDER
Article     XVIII        AMENDMENTS TO THE BY-LAWS     
ARTICLE I     Name and Jurisdiction

       SECTION 1.  This organization shall be known as Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, Air Transport Local 502, and may be referred to as Local 502.  The seat of the Local Union is located at 215 Richmond Street, El Segundo, California, 90245, Phone – 310-322-5052.

         SECTION 2.  The jurisdiction of Local 502 shall include the following American Airlines, Inc. Stations, LOS ANGELES – SAN DIEGO – LAS VEGAS – TUCSON – PHOENIX – ORANGE COUNTY – ONTARIO – BURBANK – LONG BEACH and such other areas as may be assigned to Local 502 by the Air Transport Division, Presidents’ Council or by the International Executive Council of the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO.

ARTICLE II     Membership

        SECTION 1.  Any person eligible for membership in this Local, shall file an application for membership in accordance with the International Constitution of the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO and the rules and By-laws of Local 502. 

          SECTION 2.  The Membership Committee shall pass on all applications for membership and shall make its recommendations to the Membership meeting.

          SECTION 3.  New members must be accepted by the membership at a General Membership Meeting and take the pledge.

ARTICLE III     Meetings       

          SECTION  2. Upon reasonable notice, the Local Executive Board may call department or special membership meetings.  All reasons for calling the meeting shall be stated in the meeting notice.

          SECTION 3.  The Local Executive Board shall meet at least once each calendar month.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Local President.  Within five (5) days after a receipt of a petition signed by a majority of the members of the Local Executive Board, the Local President shall be required to call a special meeting of that body to consider the matter contained in the petition.  A majority of members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

          SECTION 4.  Notices of all meetings (LAX) shall be posted by the Recording-Secretary at the direction of the President, with the exception that the President may appoint a member of the Board to post meetings of the steward body.  Per Article XVI, Section 1, of the International Constitution, the President may preside at any meeting of the Local Union.

          SECTION 5.  The Executive Board will schedule meetings to fit the best interest of the Local.

          SECTION 6.  Only members in good standing shall be permitted to attend meetings of Local 502.  There will be a list (updated bi-weekly) of any and all members who are currently in bad standing status.  The list will be posted at the Halls TWU bulletin board.

          SECTION 7. All members attending a regular General Membership, Special or Department Meeting shall sign the official attendance book in ink.

          SECTION 8.  The supreme authority in Local 502 shall be the membership.

          SECTION 9.  No member under the influence of intoxicants shall be admitted to any meeting of the Local Union; no rowdyism or vulgarity will be tolerated.

ARTICLE IV     Officers and Duties

        SECTION 1.  The elected officers of Local 502 shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and a Financial Secretary-Treasurer, who shall be elected for a term of three (3) years.

          SECTION 2.  The duties of the officers shall be as outlined in the International Constitution.

          SECTION 3.  All vacancies in any office shall be filled by a special election, however, any vacancy that occurs when two thirds (2/3), or less,  of the term of office remains prior to the nomination date for general election shall be filled by appointment by the Local Executive Board.  In the event the Local President is unable to complete his/her term of office, the Vice President shall automatically become President.

           SECTION 4.  The Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall arrange to have the Local books audited annually by a Certified Public Accountant on or before January 15 of each year.  In the event there is a change in the office of Secretary Treasurer between audits, a C.P.A. will audit the books before the new Secretary Treasurer assumes office.

           SECTION 5.  Officers and Board Members shall attend every Executive Board Meeting and answer roll call.  The President, and the Recording-Secretary (LAX), and the Station Chairperson (outlying stations), shall be present, and/or available during all General Membership Meetings.  In addition to his/her other duties, wherever possible, the Vice-President, or his/her designee, shall attend the monthly Steward Meetings.

           SECTION 6.  The Local President or a delegate shall attend Negotiations, International Conventions and System Council Meetings of the Air Transport Division.

ARTICLE V     Local Executive Board

           SECTION 1.  The Local Executive Board shall consist of the Local Officers and such Members-at-large, which is determined by Article XIV, Section 8, of the International Constitution.

   There shall be three (3) Executive Board Members-at-large until such time an increase of Board Members is required by the Constitution.

   All Officers and Board Members seated during a regularly scheduled election (i.e. excluding election to fill interim vacancies and positions established between regular elections) shall serve a term of three (3) years.

   As required by the International Constitution, Article XIV, Section 8, new Board positions shall be made immediately after the stabilization of the membership and shall be filled per Local 502 By-laws.

          SECTION 2.  The Executive Board shall transact all business of the Local when the membership is not in session; faithfully execute the orders of the membership; adopt measures in the best interest of the Local; and recommend such actions to the Local membership as it may deem necessary.  It shall receive and make recommendations in regard to reports by standing committees and Officers.

          SECTION 3.  Executive Board Members shall carry out such duties as may be assigned to them by the Local President or the Executive Board.

          SECTION 4.  The Executive Board shall be empowered to designate such full time organizers, representatives, other agents and employees as may be deemed necessary for the proper conduct of Union affairs and shall establish expense allowances and length of service subject to the approval of the membership which shall consist of the presence of not less than thirty (30) members in good standing at three (3) meetings.

ARTICLE VI     Shop Stewards

         SECTION 1.  Shop Stewards are elected by their respective shops, crews, or groups, as may be determined by the Executive Board.  Chief Stewards shall be appointed by the Executive Board from among the Stewards to cover various work areas as assigned by the Executive Board.  Shop Stewards shall be elected by their respective crews, within thirty (30) days following the general election of Officers (LAX only).

         SECTION 2.  The President will appoint a member of the Executive Board to hold an election of Shop Stewards in LAX.

   Station Chairpersons shall hold elections of Stewards in their respective stations.

         SECTION 3.  It shall be the duty of the Station Chairpersons and Chief Stewards to coordinate the work of the Stewards in their areas to assist in the handling of grievances and to generally act as contacts between the Executive Board and the Stewards under their jurisdiction.  It shall be the duty of the Shop Stewards to clarify and explain to the members any matters pertaining to Union affairs and assist the Executive Board in the enforcement of the Contract.

         SECTION 4.  In LAX, the President, or his designee, shall place the call for the Steward Meeting.   

         SECTION 5. Each (LAX) shop Steward, will be required to attend a minimum of (3) Steward Meetings during each (6) month period.  The (6) month periods will be (January – June & July – December).  Steward meeting attendance will be a factor during the June and December reviews.  Only excusable absences, submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Steward Committee, will be accepted for non-attendance at any meeting covered herein. The Local Executive Board shall determine the acceptability of any submitted, written excuses. If a Shop Steward moves his/her shift (either voluntarily or as a result of a bump) to one in which no shop steward vacancy exists, he/she may be required to resign.

         SECTION 6. Any Union representative who takes a management position, accepts MPR pay, or interviews for a management position will be removed from office and cannot run for office for the remainder of that term.

         SECTION 7.  Shop Stewards shall be responsible for handling grievances and complaints of members whom they have been designated to represent in accordance with these By-laws.

ARTICLE VII     Station Chairpersons

        SECTION 1.  The stations outlined (LAX excluded) in Article 1, Section 2, of these By-laws shall have a Station Chairperson who shall be elected by a majority of votes cast by members voting at General Membership Meetings by secret ballot.  Absentee ballots are not allowed.  The election of all Station Chairpersons shall take place in the month of November and the Chairperson will be installed at the January General Membership Meeting.  They will serve a term of three (3) years.

         SECTION 2.  Any Station Chairperson vacancy will be guided by the provisions of Article IV, Section 3, of the By-laws of Local 502.

         SECTION 3.  Notices for the election of Shop Stewards in SAN, PHX, LAS, SNA, TUS and ONT shall be posted on the Union Bulletin Boards in the month of November and turned in to the Election Committee the day prior to the November General Membership Meeting.  Nominees must have their petitions signed by 25 members in good standing.  The election of Shop Stewards shall take place at the January General Membership Meeting, if necessary.  Voting will be done by secret ballot.  Chairpersons shall supervise the election of Shop Stewards in their respective stations.  Successful members will be installed in office at the January General Membership Meeting. Terms of office are for three (3) years.  Steward coverage of the Stations outlined in Article 1, Section 2, of these By-laws will be determined by the Executive Board.

          SECTION 4.  The Local Joint Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers, Executive Board, and the Station Chairpersons.

          SECTION 5.  In addition to all other qualifications for office as specified in these By-laws, Station Chairperson at the station outlined in Article 1, Section 2, shall be a condition of                                   

holding office, agree to work a fixed shift in accordance with TWU-ATD policy.

          SECTION 6.  The Station Chairperson will be responsible for recording the minutes of Station meetings, copies of which will be forwarded to the parent Local

ARTICLE VIII     Nomination and Election of Officers

         SECTION 1.  An Election Board shall be elected at the regular General Membership Meeting in the month of October, and shall consist of a committee of five (5) members in good standing.   No member of the Election Board shall be eligible to run for office, or presently hold one.  They shall be elected and serve a term of three (3) years.

          SECTION 2.  The Election Board shall supervise elections in accordance with the following procedures:

A      Nominations shall be by petition.

B      Nominations of Local Officers and Executive Board Members shall require a minimum of twenty-five (25) signatures of members in good standing.

C     Candidates for all offices will be eligible for nomination for one office only.  The person nominated to an office will either accept or reject the nomination in writing prior to the making of the ballots.

D     Members in good standing may sign as many nomination petitions for different candidates as they see fit.  His/her name, however, shall appear only once for each candidate.

E      A member, to be eligible for nomination and election to any office, in addition to all other requirements of the International Constitution and these By-laws, must have been a member in good standing in the Union for the preceding year.

F      The ballots for Local Officers and Executive Board Members shall be prepared and mailed to all members in good standing not later than the twenty fifth (25th) day of November and to be valid, must be received in the Post Office Box rented for that purpose no later than midnight of the thirteenth (13th)) of December.  The ballots shall be removed from the Post Office Box by the Election Committee on the fifteenth (15th) day of December and shall be counted and attested to and announced on that day by the Election Committee.  If any of the above dates fall on a Sunday or legal holiday, the next day shall be the appropriate day as the deadline required by this provision.  All ballot return envelopes will be numbered sequentially and a number will be assigned to each member receiving a ballot in the election. The Election Committee has the sole responsibility for printing, storage, mailing, and counting of all election materials prior to the finalization of the election.  At no time will any parties involved in the actual election handle or control any election materials prior to the election’s finalization.  In the event a member does not receive a ballot in the mail, he/she shall be able to obtain a second one by submitting a written request to the Election

Committee.  Upon receipt of such written request, the Election Committee must void the ballot number of the first ballot and reissue a second.  In the above instance, the Election Committee Chairman may, instead of mailing it, opt to reissue the ballot by hand.

G     The elected Officers and Executive Board Members at Large shall take their oath of office and assume their duties at the January Executive Board Meeting.

H     In the event a current member of the Union’s Executive Board decides to run for a vacant Board position, he/she must resign their current position no later than the date the new office becomes effective, regardless of the outcome of the election.

The current Board Member must give the Union notice of such intent to run for another Board position within one week of the posting of the vacant position.

I       In the event of an election during the first 1/3 of the term, the membership will be given notice of a 30-day opening and closing of petition for the vacant office.            

          SECTION 3.   All disputes arising out of the nominations and elections shall be reported to the Election Committee.  The Election Committee shall make a full and complete report on the nominations and elections; shall certify the results of the elections; shall set forth a digest of each appeal made to the Election Committee, and the disposition thereof; and shall report any violations of the rules and regulations governing the nominations and elections to a meeting of the Local Executive Board to be held no more than fourteen (14) days after the date of the election. Any appeal from the certification or other  decision by the Election Committee must be submitted, in the first instance, to the Local Executive Board.  The decision of the Local Executive Board may be appealed to the International Committee on Appeals pursuant to Section 8 of Article XV of the International Constitution.  The decision of the Local Executive Board in such case shall become and remain effective unless and until the International Committee on Appeals decides otherwise.

          SECTION 4.  The Local Executive Board shall take such appropriate action as it deems proper, upon any violation of the rules and regulations governing the nominations and election reported by the Election Committee or otherwise made known to the Executive Board. The Local Executive Board may, after proper hearing upon reasonable notice to a member, impose an appropriate penalty upon any member for a violation of said rules and regulations.

          SECTION 5.  If a candidate wants to have a direct mailing to the membership the following rules apply:

A              All mailings will be mailed one week prior to the ballots being mailed out.

B              All mailings will be handled by a Local 502 secretary and his/her wages will be paid at the applicable rates by the candidate, along with all other expenses incurred by the mailing.  To prevent the interruption of the Union’s business, a seven-day notice of a mailing will be required.

C             Upon completion of the mailing, the candidate will be escorted to the Post Office by an Officer or member of the Election Committee.  The Local 502 mailing list will not be given to any candidate or allowed to leave the Union Hall.

          SECTION 6.  The Election Committee is to operate as a “stand-alone body” and will not, except in the event of gross malfeasance, be subject to interference by the Local Executive Board.  The Local will provide the Election Committee with a locked cabinet that will be under the control of the Election Committee only.

ARTICLE IX     Delegates

           SECTION 1. 

A        Delegates to the International Convention shall be the elected Local Officers.

B        Any further delegates will be determined from the At-large Board Member positions vote count during the prior General Election (highest to lowest.)

ARTICLE X     Attendance of Meetings

        SECTION 1.  The President shall appoint a Sergeant-at-arms at each Local meeting.  His/her name and duty shall be recorded on the roster.

         SECTION 2.  The Sergeant-at-arms shall examine the credentials of all members and visitors attending the meetings and shall have them sign the attendance book for the respective session.

         SECTION 3.  The official attendance register shall constitute attendance at local or section meetings.

         SECTION 4.  Each General Membership Meeting shall be of two (2) hours or less duration, unless a majority of those present should vote to extend the meeting.

ARTICLE XI     Committees

         SECTION 1. Upon installation in office, the President shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoint the following standing committees:

Safety; (B) Publicity and Education; (C)  COPE; (D) LTD (E) Membership; (F) Grievance (G) Budget and Finance (H) Political Action (I) Steward Body (J) Workmers’ Comp. & Community Services.  A separate Members’ Assistance Committee shall be established in the same manner. The Members’ Assistance Chairman shall, if possible, appoint Members’ Assistance Field Representatives in each station and department within the Local.  A list of such representatives shall be provided to the local Executive Board for review and approval.  Whenever possible the Members’ Assistance Chairman shall appoint Field Representatives from other than the Steward Body.

  SECTION 2.  Committees shall carry on such activities as may be required by their respective functions under the supervision of the Local Executive Board.

        SECTION 3.  A committee may not incur any liability or indebtedness on behalf of the Local Union without the written authority from the Executive Board.

        SECTION 4.  The President may, from time to time, appoint such special committee(s) as may be necessary for the efficient conduct of the Local, subject to approval of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE XII     Dues and Initiation Fees

        SECTION 1.  An initiation fee of Forty ($40.00) dollars shall be paid by each applicant accepted for membership. Said initiation fee shall be addressed to the attention of the Local Secretary Treasurer, no later than 15 calendar days from the date of hire.

         SECTION 2.  Dues shall be as specified by the International Constitution, payable in advance.  No member shall be exonerated from the payment of dues except in accordance with the provisions of the International Constitution.

         SECTION 3.  The amount fixed for dues or initiation fees can be changed pursuant to the methods provided for in the amendment of the By-laws of Article XVIII herein.  However, in no event shall the amount fixed by the Local Union for dues or initiation fees be less than the minimum amount specified in the International Constitution.

ARTICLE XIII     Finances and Expenses

         SECTION 1.

A              The President shall receive a salary of Nine Hundred dollars ($900.00) per month.

B              The Vice President shall receive a salary of Five Hundred Twenty Five dollars ($525.00) per month.

C             the Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall receive a salary of Five Hundred Twenty Five dollars ($525.00) per month

D             The Recording Secretary shall receive a salary of Four Hundred dollars ($400.00)per month.

E              The Executive Board Members shall receive a salary of Two Hundred Ten dollars ($210.00) per month.

F              The Station Chairpersons shall receive a salary of One Hundred Seventy Five dollars ($175.00) per month.

G             Chief Stewards and Station Vice-Chairpersons shall receive a salary of One Hundred Ten dollars ($110.00) per month.

H             The Members’ Assistance Chairman shall receive a salary of Seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per month.  The Members’ Assistance Chairman cannot collect more than one salary from the Local.

            I           All monthly salaries will be paid to the member who assumes office on or before the 15th of the month (e.g., in the event of an office turn-over, the member sworn in on or before the 15th of the month will receive the salary for the entire month).

           SECTION 2. All expenditures shall be subject to the approval of the Local Executive Board.  The General Membership must approve expenditures in excess of $750.00.

          SECTION 3.  Officers and Members shall be compensated for all time lost while in the performance of authorized Union Business.

          SECTION 4. The Local Union shall pay up to $0.50 per member per month into the special Emergency Fund, deposited in the name of the Local Union until such fund amounts to $200,000.00. The Emergency Fund will be capped at $200,000.00. Interest accrued by the Emergency Fund after reaching the capped amount, will be channeled into the general fund.  Any withdrawals from the Emergency Fund shall be made exclusively for authorized strike situations, lockouts, extended negotiations, fire or natural disaster impacting the Union hall structure, or any emergency, which would have a significant impact on the Local’s ability to operate efficiently.  Any decision to withdraw such monies requires the approval of two-thirds of the Local Executive Board and the majority of the membership voting at the General Membership Meetings that month. Any decision to withdraw monies from the Local Emergency Fund must be posted as an agenda item for the next General Membership Meetings in all stations within the Local.  The Local Executive Board shall post a notice of intent to withdraw monies from the Emergency Fund within seven days of such decision(s).  The Local Executive Board shall give the membership a minimum of 14 days notice before taking a hand vote at the General Membership Meetings.

          SECTION 5.  With the pre-approval of the Local’s Executive Board, member’s assigned Union business away from the Local will be reimbursed for lost time, hotel, and ground transportation expenses.  In addition to the above, per diem will be paid for all out of town trips in the following manner:  Twenty ($20,00) per day (day trip only).  Thirty-six dollars ($36.00) per overnight. Also, mileage will be paid at the IRS applicable rate when members utilize their private vehicle (either in or out of town) for authorized Union Business.  Members requesting mileage reimbursement must submit a Mileage Reimbursement Form to the Local Secretary-Treasurer.  With the exception of monthly salaries, Stewards compensation, and monies drawn from the Emergency Fund, all wages will be paid on the basis of lost time from the primary employer.  All time compensated by the Union must be lost from the members regularly scheduled hours.  Lost time must be approved by the Local President or Secretary-Treasurer, and/or the Local Executive Board prior to the date in question.  All members receiving lost time compensation will, within one week of receiving their paycheck from the employer, provide the Local Union with a copy of their pay-stub showing the lost time for the date(s) claimed.  All hours worked for the Union on member’s days off must be put on hold and used as comp, lost time at some future date.   At no time will members be allowed toreceive more than their actual scheduled hours pay, or pay in any combination of UB lost time and company salary for any given day.  He/she must put the UB time, in excess of their regularly scheduled hours, on hold and take at a later date as compensatory time.  Hours in excess of scheduled hours may only be put on hold with the pre-approval of the Local’s Executive Board.  All lost time must be taken one year of leaving office.                     

          SECTION 6:  All vouchers with attached bills must be examined by the Local Executive Board prior to approval of the monthly financial report.  Vouchers and bills shall be made available to members in good standing for examination immediately prior to each monthly membership meeting.

ARTICLE XIV     Grievances

          SECTION 1.  Once a grievance has been signed and duly submitted, it shall become the property of the TWU Local 502.

          SECTION 2.  The Executive Board shall provide appropriate grievance forms for the use of members and shall be responsible for the effective processing of grievances.

          SECTION 3.  The Grievance Committee at Los Angeles shall consist of the Executive Board.  It shall be the responsibility of each member to bring his/her grievance to the attention of his/her steward immediately after such an act is committed, whereby such grievances may be processed within the time limits as specified in the current appropriate contract between the Transport Workers Unions of America, AFL-CIO and the Company.

          SECTION 4. It will be the duty of the Grievance Committee to record and file the disposition of all grievances and to notify the grievant in writing.

ARTICLE XV     Obligations of Members

           SECTION 1:  No member shall by-pass the grievance procedure provided in Article XIV of these By-laws to handle his or her own or another employee’s grievance.

SECTION 2.  No member shall perform his/her duties on the job in such a manner as to place an unfair burden on his or her fellow worker or as to bring discredit to his or her Union.

SECTION 3.  No member shall join or participate in any way in any organized group to which this Local Union is not affiliated, which discusses and make decisions on matters directly related to the internal affairs of the Union.

SECTION 4.  No member shall make known the affairs of the Union to a non-member.

SECTION 5.  No member shall make a collection in the name of the Union, regardless of its purpose, without prior approval of the Local Executive Board.  This shall not apply to collections taken by, or for candidates for Local office to defray the cost of their campaign.

ARTICLE XVI     Discipline of Members

          SECTION 1:  Any member of the Local Union who is charged with violating any of his/her obligations under these By-laws or under the International Constitution shall be disciplined in accordance with the provisions of Article XIX of the International Constitution.

ARTICLE XVII     Roberts’ Rules of Order

          SECTION 1.  Except where modified in these By-laws and the International Constitution, all meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order.          

ARTICLE XVIII     Amendment to the By-laws

          SECTION 1: The foregoing By-laws shall be adopted when approval by majority vote of all members present at the General Membership Meetings. Copies of the By-laws shall be made available to all members.

          SECTION 2:  Proposals for amendments or revision of By-laws must be brought to the attention of a Membership Meeting by the member or members submitting the proposals for a change.  If the proposal is favored by a majority vote, such proposed amendments or revisions shall then be posted for a period of not less than fifteen (15) days and shall be presented for final vote at the next regular Membership Meeting.

     Any amendment which would increase the initiation fee or membership dues shall require for approval a majority vote, in a secret ballot, of those voting on the amendment.

          SECTION 3:  Any and all By-laws which are inconsistent with the provisions of the International Constitution shall be null and void.

          SECTION 4:  In all matters not provided for in these By-laws, the International Constitution of the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO shall govern the conduct and determine the obligation of the Members and Officers of Local 502.